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This category includes all the various tech products you’ll need for your little one. Monitors are in this category and have the widest spectrum of options. The rest of the items don’t get too complicated.



You indicated that you want a WiFi enabled video and audio monitor. I've given you two recommendations for baby monitors that have great video quality. Another alternative parents do is get an indoor camera that is integrated with their entire home monitoring system like a Google Nest. The tradeoff is that cameras like these don't offer all the features that are unique to baby monitors. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in and I can help you choose.



Cool Mist Humidifiers are great when your little one has mucus build up around their eyes (which is common in the early months) or congestion when they’re sick. Cool mist is an important safety feature, so your LO won’t accidentally burn themselves when getting too close. Since this is a pretty staple product, you can find great options around ~$40. If you want more advanced kinds that also serve as air purifiers, then you’re looking closer to ~$100+. My biggest recommendation is to go with one that has a large water capacity (1 gallon or more) so you don’t have to refill it frequently and is easy to clean.



Some parents swear by white noise machines. Others worry about building a sleep dependency. This Healthline article sums up the pros and cons really well. The biggest thing to be aware of when you do use a white noise machine is the decibel level. Most white noise machines can go above the recommended level for infants, so I’d recommend downloading a decibel measuring app on your phone and checking it when you set the level.

If you do choose to use a white noise machine, the go-to is the Hatch. If you’re not sure and don’t want to spend too much, I can recommend some travel sound machines that cost less than $20.

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