Nursing & Pumping Must Haves - Baby Registry Checklist

Last Updated: January 2021

In this guide:

If you plan on nursing and/or pumping, here are the bare essentials you'll need. Numbers in parentheses are Betty's recs for how many to get.


Nursing pillow (1)

If you plan on nursing, a nursing pillow can really help prop your baby in a comfortable position which then makes it easier for them to latch.


Breast pump (1)

Not only is a breast pump great for pumping milk for bottle feeding and storage, but it’s also a useful tool to help train your breasts to produce enough milk. Insurance providers usually cover breast pumps, so you might be eligible to get one for free or heavily discounted.


Storage bags (1 box)

If you plan on storing breastmilk for multiple days and are able to, it’s easiest to store them in plastic bags designed for storing breastmilk. Betty recommends one box to start to make sure you like the quality of the bags.


Nursing bra (4-7)

This depends on how frequently you wash your bras and do laundry. With leakage you’ll likely be washing after every use. It’s great to have some bras that are more comfortable to sleep in since you’ll need something to hold your nursing pads.


Nursing pads (4-7 pairs)

These are extra bra liners to absorb leaks, which will happen. Again, determine how many pairs to get based on how often you want to do laundry.


Nipple cream (1 tube)

Your nipples will have an adjustment period when you first start nursing. They will likely crack and get pretty raw, so nipple cream helps soothe and protect them.

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