How to Choose a Crib - Crib Buying Guide

Last updated: November 2020

In this guide:

Now that you have an understanding of the types of cribs available, here's Betty's tactical advice on how to choose the right one for you.


1. Measure your space.

This will guide you on the size and dimensions of the crib you can fit.


2. Decide on the style.

From traditional to mid-century modern to glam and retro, there is a crib for every style. Once you know what style you’re looking for, it’ll help narrow down the options very quickly.


3. Think about materials.

Some parents are concerned with VOCs (volatile organic compound). In short, these are chemicals that release “off-gas” into our homes. Unfortunately, many items in our homes emit VOCs. Luckily, there are a few standards and certifications (like GREENGUARD Gold and JPMA) that test products for low emissions.


4. Check the construction and workmanship.

As your little one gets stronger and more experimental with climbing, it’s important to find a sturdy and durable frame. The best source is to visit the crib in-person or read reviews about it’s quality.


5. Determine which features are most important.

Cribs offer a few differentiating features that make them different. The section below highlights some of the key features offered.


6. Calculate the total cost.

If you’re considering a convertible crib, it’s important to consider the total cost when you add up the extra accessories that are needed to get the full use.

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