Safety & Grooming Must Haves - Baby Registry Checklist

Last Updated: January 2021

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This category can get pretty broad, but Betty's narrowed down to the bare essentials you'll need. Numbers in parentheses are Betty's recs for how many to get.


Nail file / clipper (1-2)

Babies grow fast and so do their nails. Don’t underestimate the ability of tiny nails to scratch up precious little faces. There are nail clippers designed especially for tiny hands, but if that makes you nervous you can also opt for nail files to smooth those edges.


Thermometer (1)

A must to have around the house, especially in the early days when your LO is still having a hard time regulating their own temperature or you just want to check for extra peace of mind.


Children’s Tylenol (1)

Hopefully your little one won’t need to use this, but a fever can rise out of nowhere. It’s best to have a small bottle on standby for emergencies.


Vitamin D Liquid Drops (1)

This isn't on every list, but it's something that your little one needs daily. Vitamin D is important for bone and teeth development, and most babies don't get enough of it through breastmilk or formula. Check with your pediatrician how much you should give to your LO each day.


Cool mist humidifier (1)

Babies are sensitive to their environment, especially dry ones. A cool mist humidifier can help with dry skin, mucus buildup around the eyes, or other types of congestion. If you’re not sure whether your environment needs one, you can wait it out and see if your LO has any issues. Sometimes their doctor may suggest using a cool mist humidifier for certain issues and you can buy one then. It’s important to use a cold mist vs. a traditional warm humidifier to avoid risk of your LO burning themselves with the steam.


Hair brush (1)

Baby hair brushes have super soft bristles. Even though your LO may not have much hair, it’s good to brush it to encourage blood flow, brush off any loose skin and encourage hair growth.


Pacifier (2-3 per size)

Parents vary on whether they want to use a pacifier or not. If you’re in the pacifier camp, it’s good to have a few in your arsenal, especially in your diaper bag when you need to quickly calm a fussy baby on the go. It’s worth noting that pacifiers are typically sized by age, so you’ll need different ones every few months. These little guys also get lost or dirty pretty easily, so you might want to also buy a pacifier clip for when they fall out.

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