Baby Clothing Must Haves - Baby Registry Checklist

Last Updated: January 2021

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This is one category where you can definitely go overboard. And who can blame you? There are so many cute little outfits to dress your little one in. Betty's narrowed the list down to the bare essentials. Numbers in parentheses are Betty's recs for how many to get, but we won't judge if you tack on a few more 😉


Onesies (10-12 for each size)

As fun as it is to imagine your LO in cute little outfits, the reality is they’ll be living in onesies for the first few weeks/months. Depending on the weather, you’ll want long/short sleeved ones and with/without pants. You’ll probably use 1-2 per day, so adjust the number as needed depending on how frequently you want to do laundry.


Mittens (5-10 pairs)

Even if it’s not cold, mittens are a great way to protect your LO from their own nails and accidental scratches.


Socks (5-10 pairs)

For keeping their little feet warm. You might not need as many if you prefer footed onesies or it’s summertime and you’re spending most of your time at home.


Beanies (2-3)

Especially in the first few weeks when your LO has a hard time regulating their temperature on their own, it’s good to have a few beanies on hand to keep their head warm and soft spot protected.


Bibs (5-10)

Bibs always come in handy for leaking milk and drooly babies. Without it, your little one’s shirt will always be a little damp and potentially irritate their skin.


Seasonal “going out” outfits

Depending on how often you plan on going out with your LO, it’s good to have a few seasonally appropriate outfits on hand. Just remember, babies grow really quickly in the first year so if you buy too much, your LO might outgrow them before they get a chance to wear them. What’s too much? Expect your LO to outgrow an outfit every 2-3 months. So imagine how many times you’ll go out during that period and how often you want your LO to rewear an outfit. For example, if you go out 2x per week (16-24 times during a 2-3 month period) and want to get 8 wears out of an outfit, then you’ll want 2-3 outfits.


Gentle unscented detergent (1 bottle)

As mentioned earlier, babies are sensitive to smells and chemicals. Because of that, it’s important to get gentle, unscented detergent to wash their clothes with.



Whether in plastic bins or a traditional chest/dresser, you’ll need somewhere to store clothes and baby items. As you can tell from this list, it’s amazing how quickly they accumulate.

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