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Finally! A smarter, faster, more personalized way to build a baby registry.

Forget generic baby registry checklists. You don't have time to sift through hundreds of products to build your baby registry. Let Betty help.  


Tell Betty your preferences.

You've got your own style, your life has its unique needs. Betty wants to get to know you so that she can recommend the best items that fit your life and your wants.


Betty builds your personalized baby registry.

It's as simple as that. Betty sends you recommendations for your baby registry. She goes to the ends of the earth and creates a list of the best products that meet your needs.


Betty loves feedback.

Don't see what you like? Want more options? Betty's all about feedback. Tell her what you like, don't like, want more of and she'll keep searching till you find what you need.


Shop or add to registry.

Once you've found everything you need- add it to your registry of choice or buy it on the spot. 

Did we mention free?

Pshhh... Betty's your BFF! She's not going to charge you for this. There's no catch. Betty's not selling anything. She just wants to help you find the best baby products for you and your little one. Simple as that.

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