TEST - Changing pad recommendations for Sharon

Hi Sharon!

Betty here. From what I understand, you're looking for a changing pad that is waterproof, fits with universal covers, and goes with your Graco changing table! I have recommended a couple of great options for you, and all will fit comfortably with your table (dimensions of the top of the table are 32.6 x 16.8).

One option that I do want to draw your attention to is the Bumbo changing pad.  This is a little different from what you said you were looking for -- it's a bit pricier, but you'll actually save both time and money because you don't need to use a cover in order to keep this pad clean! It also comes in both grey and blue, so it will fit with your nursery. A lot of moms love an option like this because doing laundry gets old -- especially if your little one is making a bit of a mess a couple times per day! 

If you decide to go with the standard option which requires a cover, I've also linked here a couple of covers which I think will fit with your color scheme.

Text me if you have any questions!

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