Monitor Recommendations for Jade

Hi Jade!

Betty here. From what I understand, you're looking for a monitor that has a clear picture, health monitoring, good range, and is easy to use. Given your interest in health monitoring, I narrowed down your options based on the camera systems that offer that capability. All of these options are connected via wifi, so you don't need to worry about range limitations.

Shopping for a monitor can be pretty overwhelming because there are so many options and trade offs to make. Please consider this a starting point and I'm happy to send you more suggestions as you fine tune your preferences.

My first recommendation is for the Owlet Duo. The Owlet Duo is the bundle pack for the Owlet Sock 2 and the Owlet Camera. I recommended the Owlet Duo because it's the only system that offers both breathing and heart beat monitoring. I do want to call out however, that the Owlet camera does not have the best reviews in terms of picture quality.

My second recommendation is for the Nanit Complete Monitoring System. This bundle comes with the camera and breathing wear swaddle and band. Nanit has some of the best reviews and the swaddle and band are a great solution if you don't want electronics connected to your baby (like the Owlet sock). The downside here is that the Nanit does not have heart rate monitoring.

My third recommendation is for the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. This is the first baby monitor that tracks breathing without requiring your little one to wear any device or band. If you're really into high tech features, this might be the monitor for you. However, similar to the Nanit, the Miku does not track heart rates either.

As you fine tune your preferences, some things I suggest thinking about are:

  • Which vitals do you want to track? If it's important to track your baby's heartbeat, then the Owlet might be the option for you. If you can do without the heartbeat then the Nanit and Miku are great options to track breathing. If tracking breathing is also a nice to have and not a hard and fast requirement, then it opens up several other cameras that focus more on movement tracking like the CuboAi or Lumi cameras.  
  • Does the camera and vitals tracking have to be from the same company? If vitals tracking is a must have, but you're not sold on the Owlet camera, you could also opt to have one device for vitals tracking and another device for camera monitoring. The downside here is that you'd have two separate apps for vitals tracking and video/sound monitoring. 

I think I've given you plenty to think about here. Look it over and shoot me a text if you have any questions. I'm also happy to send you more recs if you've changed your preferences or setup a quick consultation to chat more.   

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