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Last updated: October 2020

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Buying a stroller is one of your biggest purchases as a new parent. You can choose from more affordable umbrella strollers to pricey convertible strollers with all the bells and whistles. Betty's guide outlines everything you need to know to make a decision that's right for you. And the best part? It's short and to the point. Now let's start off with the types of strollers that you can choose from.


Full-Sized Stroller

Stroller Buying Guide | Full-Sized Stroller

This is your standard stroller. Full-sized strollers often come with a frame and a detachable toddler seat. Because of the separate frame, you can purchase additional seats (e.g., infant car seat, bassinet) and use the stroller from birth to the toddler years. Be sure to check for compatibility.

Age / weight limitations: newborn to toddler

Full-sized strollers are great for parents who...

  • Want all the bells and whistles (sturdy tires, suspension, telescoping handlebars, large storage)
  • Want one stroller to use from newborn to toddler years

Full-sized stroller price range:$200-1,000+


Umbrella / Lightweight Stroller

Stroller Buying Guide | Umbrella / Lightweight Stroller

Umbrella strollers are designed for portability. They’re easy to fold and often weigh less than 15 pounds. You might be envisioning a flimsy stroller, but umbrella strollers have evolved quite a bit throughout the years and there are premium options that are high quality and offer lots of features that are available in full-sized strollers.

Age / weight limitations: typically 6 months or older, although some models have adapters to attach infant car seats

Umbrella / lightweight strollers are great for parents who...

  • Primarily travel via public transit or Uber/Lyft/Taxi
  • Have to carry the stroller up/down stairs frequently
  • Often navigate small/tight/busy spaces
  • Want something ultra lightweight
  • Don’t have much storage space
  • Want a second / backup stroller

Umbrella / lightweight stroller price range:$20-500


Jogging Stroller

Stroller Buying Guide | Jogging Stroller

If you’re planning to jog or hike with your little one, consider a jogging stroller. It’s superior suspension is built to keep your baby comfortable while you push it to the limits. Hybrid jogging strollers also exist if you want something less bulky but still built for the occasional run.

Age / weight limitations: newborn to toddler

Jogging strollers are great for parents who...

  • Plan to frequently jog or hike/walk on rugged terrain
  • Want extra safety features for intense running (e.g., hand brake, five-point harness, fixed front wheel for stability)

Jogging stroller price range:$100-1,000


Double Stroller

Stroller Buying Guide | Double Stroller

Double strollers are meant for two children at all times. These strollers can have the seats side-by-side or one in front of the other.

Age / weight limitations: newborn to toddler

Double strollers are great for parents who...

  • Have twins or two kids under three who you plan on always strollering together

Double stroller price range:$200-1,000+


Convertible Stroller

Stroller Buying Guide | Convertible Stroller

Convertible strollers can be used for one, two or sometimes even three children. The frame of a convertible stroller is slightly larger than full-sized strollers, but this is often a minor sacrifice for the added flexibility.

Age / weight limitations: newborn to toddler

Convertible strollers are great for parents who...

  • Plan to grow your family and will have the need for a double stroller
  • Want the flexibility for using with one, two or three kids

Convertible stroller price range:$400-1,000+


Frame Stroller

Stroller Buying Guide | Frame Stroller

A frame stroller is a simple frame with wheels. It doesn’t have a seat because it’s designed to attach to your infant car seat and turn it into a stroller. Because of its minimal design, frame strollers don’t have many extra features.

Age / weight limitations: newborn / infant

Frame strollers are great for parents who...

  • Want something ultra-lightweight with no frills to push around their infant car seat
  • Want a second / backup stroller for their infant cart seat

Convertible stroller price range:$50-200


Travel System

Stroller Buying Guide | Travel System

A travel system is a stroller that pairs with your infant car seat. Many full-size, convertible, double, and umbrella strollers have this option, so there’s no need to call it out separately. Some strollers are sold as a “travel system”, meaning you can buy the stroller with the infant car seat all in one bundle. If you don’t buy a travel system, you can always check to see if you can attach an infant car seat to your stroller and if they require adapters.

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