Types of Baby Monitors - Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Last updated: October 2020

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Baby monitors can be an expensive purchase. You can choose from affordable audio monitors that are less than $50 to super hi-tech cameras that will cost you a few hundred. Betty's guide outlines everything you need to know to make a decision that's right for you. And the best part? It's short and to the point. Now let's start off with the types of monitors that are available.

Audio Baby Monitors

Audio Baby Monitors | Types of Baby Monitors

Audio baby monitors only transmit sound. They allow you to hear when a baby cries or makes noises and most have a light to visually indicate the level of noise. That way you can see when noises are escalating.

Parents like audio baby monitors because they’re...

  • Simple to use with no frills
  • A great backup if your main monitor is permanently mounted in the nursery and the baby is napping elsewhere
  • More affordable than other types of baby monitors

Audio baby monitor price range: $20-75


Video Baby Monitors

Video Baby Monitors | Types of Baby Monitors

Video baby monitors transmit video and sound. They allow for you to listen for your baby and watch them from afar. Video baby monitors have evolved significantly over the years and some can even detect movement and predict when your child might be in danger, or track sleeping and recommend sleep training plans.

Parents like video baby monitors because...

  • They can watch their baby without being in the same room (or even the same country when connected via WiFi)
  • The higher end models offer bells and whistles like sleep tracking and movement detection

Video baby monitor price range: $60-400


Vitals Baby Monitors

Vitals Baby Monitors | Types of Baby Monitors

Vitals baby monitors are able to track your baby’s vitals like heart rate and breathing. To be able to do so, most require your little one to wear a wearable device (like a sock or a band). However, technology is advancing and newer models are able to track some vitals without a device. Vitals baby monitors can be bundled with cameras to create a full audio + video + vitals tracking system, but there are some lower fidelity options that only track vitals.

Parents like vitals baby monitors because...

  • It gives them extra peace of mind knowing that their little one is breathing or their heart is beating at an appropriate rate

Vitals baby monitor price range: $100-400

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