How to Choose a Stroller - Stroller Buying Guide

Last updated: October 2020

In this guide:

Now that you have an understanding of the types of strollers available, here's Betty's tactical advice on how to choose the right stroller for you.


1. Imagine where you will use the stroller.

Envisioning where you plan to stroller your little one around will help you determine which specifications and features are most important. Some things to think about are:

  • Terrain - Strollering on uneven streets or rugged terrain means that getting better wheels and suspension are important.
  • Transportation - If you primarily get around via public transit or ridesharing, you’ll probably want something lightweight you can easily fold.
  • Storage needs when in use - If you plan to use your stroller when running errands like grocery shopping, you might want a larger basket that can fit your bags.
  • Storage when not in use - Thinking about where you’ll store your stroller when it’s not in use is also key. If you’re in a smaller apartment or condo, then a stroller that stands when it folds would be an added benefit.


2. Think about who will use the stroller.

A few pounds can make a big difference when you’re lugging the stroller in and out of the car and home. Making sure the stroller weight and dimensions fit the pusher is critical in ensuring daily comfort. If the size of the pusher varies, looking for a stroller with a telescoping handlebar is a worthwhile feature.


3. Decide if you want to use your stroller with a bassinet and/or infant car seat.

Not all car seats can attach to a bassinet or stroller, so if this is important to you, it can narrow down your options. Be sure to check if the stroller is compatible and if it requires additional adapters (which could cost anywhere from $30-80).


4. Check age and weight limits.

For a stroller seat to accommodate a newborn, it has to recline fully flat with a 0 degree angle. This is because newborns do not have neck strength so they need to lay flat for the first few months while they build that strength. Before committing to a stroller, be sure to confirm the age limits meet your needs.


5. Find a stroller with the features that are most important to you.

Strollers have many little details that make them different. The section below highlights some of the key features offered.


6. Test it out and practice folding it.

While there are countless reviews, articles and videos for strollers, nothing beats testing it out for yourself. When you’ve narrowed down your options we highly recommend testing all the features you’re interested in, pushing it around, trying sharp turns, and practicing folding and carrying it.

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